A Note from Yvonne Chojnacki – Lay Member to Annual Conference

Where do you experience God or feel his presence the most? For me, it is while I am experiencing His creation. That’s why I enjoy camping. It gives me time to spend with God on a one-on-one basis and to be thankful for all the things around me.

Church camp has always been a passion of mine, from the time I was able to go as a camper to the conference camp in Westfield to being a leader at St. Paul’s Church Camp. I have many fond memories of time spent with God at camp along with all the friendships and fun times at camp.

Selma Taylor knew the importance of camp. She realized that the children and youth at St. Paul’s weren’t taking advantage of this great opportunity and decided to do something about it. She, along with Tom Long, began this ministry 40 years ago. Think of the number of disciples that have come from those experiences of camp and how one person’s passion has transformed the world. Not only is it a week of fun and friendship, but it is also a week of learning about how important it is to have God in our lives. It is hard not to pass that along with people we meet. Think of the leaders who have had a positive impact on the camper’s lives, from camp counselors to leaders such as Bill Ogdon. Who can forget Bill’s wake-up calls and his enthusiasm and passion for camp and the campers? Sure we spend time preparing a musical to present the last evening of camp, but camp is so much more. We become a family!

This year marks our 40th year of camp and that means it is extra-special and a time to celebrate. Be sure to mark your calendars for July 29. You won’t want to miss the celebration we are planning. We will find ways to provide transportation to anyone who would like to attend, but doesn’t want to drive to Lake Lucerne. You won’t want to miss it!

God is good all the time, all the time God is good!!!