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A Ray of Hope Mission Project

Dear Friends,
We write you this note to invite you to become a “Missionary Champion”, working with real people, with real needs who immensely appreciate the assistance you can provide. We want you to know that we have been deeply involved with a mission project in the Village of Aworowa, Ghana that spans the past 12 years. Having returned from spending 3 weeks in the village, we are more committed to helping this wonderful village and its people. The one thing that we know for sure is that compared to the people in the village, we are wealthy beyond belief. We in this country often do not realize what we have. As such, we have committed ourselves and our mission team and partners to raising funds to purchase items that we know will enhance and change the lives of the people in the village where we do our mission work. Our mission team is composed of an interdenominational group of committed people who enjoy enhancing the lives of those who are less fortunate than us. Our joy comes from seeing people grow.

Pastor Howard Hintzman, Anna McCartney and John Munson were the representatives of our Methodist Church and we have each set a goal of finding 30 Missionary Champions each. You are invited to be one of our team members. It doesn’t matter which of us you work with as we work as a team.

With this note, we are seeking two things:

1. We would like you to consider being a “Missionary Champion” for one of our “Imaginary Coin Can’s” (A Ray of Hope Mission Project). Champions are asked to commit to raising $100 from all of their friends, family and colleagues. We do not ask you to personally donate unless you feel you would like. Our hope is that you will tell all of your friends that you are participating in a mission project and that you would like them to contribute to that project. You would collect donations and fill your imaginary coin can. Once you have received $100 you would then send it to Ghana Mission -The United Methodist Church, 600 Wilshire Blvd. Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481. Our campaign begins on May 1st and continues until August 15, 2016.
2. We would like you to take a look at the attached list of needs that we have identified for the area and groups we serve in Ghana (5 schools, 4 churches, a village clinic, village people and a regional hospital). If you feel that you can assist in any way with an item donation, please contact or email John Munson so he can facilitate your donation. .

Please let us know if you would be willing to be one of our missionary champions. If you choose not to and still want to make a donation, any amount is appreciated. Contact John Munson at barbjohn@charter.net.

If you ever have a desire to join our mission group on an actual mission trip, please let us know and we can talk about how we do it.

May God Continue to bless you!
Pastor Howard Hintzman, John Munson, and Anna McCartney – Ghana Mission Team Members

PS John Munson was inducted into the 1st council of the Royal Yeboah family of Ghana. He has a new official name of “ Na Na Kwame Yeboah the 1st. It means Warrior King, born on a Saturday and a member of the Yeboah 1st council. It was a very neat honor.
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A recent mission team completed a 3 week trip to Aworowa, Ghana in January of 2016. As they analyzed the needs of schools, clinics, hospitals and the community they decided to dedicate the rest of this year and the beginning of 2017 to send much needed materials. As materials are collected, they will be put in boxes the size one purchase reams of print paper and then bulk shipped to Aworowa to be distributed to the area of need. The mission team intends to be very specific in what items are asking for as they received feedback from all of the areas listed. Please review each category and consider donating items as you feel you have resources to support. In addition, the mission team will conduct a fund raiser to purchase items that are not donated and to cover the expense of shipment. Your participation and support is greatly appreciated. Supplies can be given to John Munson, 1101 Brawley Street, Stevens Point, WI., or given to Pastor Listowel Mensah, 1102 Superior Street, Chippewa Falls, WI. The first shipment of supplies is scheduled for August of 2016. As the mission team will be collecting supplies for the next two years, people may donate anytime.

School Supplies Needed (Government School, Catholic School, 2 Methodist Schools and Seventh Day Adventist School in Aworowa, Ghana) These are the five schools located in the village and educate over 1500 k-8 students will minimal supplies.
• Non-Toxic white chalk – box of 12 pieces – Often these can be found on eBay for about$12 for 144. The schools need 4,896 sticks of chalk.
• Children’s Books – books geared to encourage reading. These books should be appropriate for k-8 students who are learning English. No oversized books as they need to fit into a box to be shipped.
• Science Curriculum Books – These books will be used in the Aworowa School’s libraries and assist teachers in preparing lesson plans for k-8 students.
• Math Curriculum Books – These books will be used in the Aworowa School’s libraries and assist teachers in preparing lesson plans for k-8 students.
• Health Education Books – These books will be used in the Aworowa School’s libraries and assist teachers in preparing lesson plans for k-8 students.
• Bible Story Books – Age appropriate stories for children k-8
• Soccer Balls Size #5 – We would like to have 36 balls to share with the four schools in Aworowa. These need to be extra tough for hard use on dirt playgrounds.
• One Dell or HP Laptop Computer – This computer will be used by the teachers in the community schools to do web searches and class record keeping. The eventual goal is to provide each school a new computer.
• One Dell or HP Standard Desktop Computer – This computer will be used in the Library for teaching students in the upper grades 6,7,and 8 to do web searches and help students learn basic computer skills.

Aworow Health Clinic
Supplies Needed for Aworowa Health Clinic – The Aworowa Clinic serves the 8000 people living in Aworowa and several nearby villages. It is the only clinic available for people living in a 15 mile circle around the village of Aworowa. It provides basic health care including childbirth care, common ailments and illnesses. People pay for services if they have income but most care is supported by the Ghana government which provides very little regular support.

Over the Counter Medications: Children and adults versions; must be at least 6 months to expiration
Pain Relievers: Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen
Vitamins: Multi-Vitamin, chewable and pre-natal
Topical Ointments: Neosporin, etc
Misc: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss


[table id=2 /]

Supplies Needed for Wenchi Hospital – Wenchi Hospital is a regional hospital serving nearly 1.2 million people in northern Ghana. It has 6 full-time doctors and a small nursing staff available to provide health care for those people with serious health concerns. Facilities are very basic. A new ward area was recently built to house 40 patients but does not currently have beds so IT stands empty. Doctors normally see over 100 patients per day.
Cardiac Monitor – 2 Green cotton material for Staff uniforms – 10 bundles
Green cotton material for Staff uniforms – 5 bundles Scrubs – 100
Clinical Thermometer – 100 pieces Syringes – 100 pieces
Needles – 100 pieces Plaster – 100 Surgical gloves – 200 boxes
Examination gloves – 200 boxes Hand sanitizers – 100
Hospital bed sheets – 300 flat sheets for single beds Alcohol swabs
3-4 Wheel Chairs

Parsonage Needs – Methodist Church Aworowa – The parsonage of the Methodist Church was built with fund provided over the past 10 years by the mission groups that have journeyed to Ghana. While the building is basically finished many items are needed to make it available to the congregation and its various activities. Individuals may sponsor any of the items listed below.

• 24 sets- Correlle Dishes – The sets cost approximately $35 each and include a serving plate, salad plate, soup bowl and a cup. The church would like to be able to host a variety of meeting groups and serve a meal but they do not have dishes. We are asking individuals to sponsor the purchase of one or more sets.
• 24 silverware sets – This would include a knife, fork and spoon. Approximate cost of each set is $35
• 12 large Correlle serving bowls – Approximate cost is 4 bowls for $22.
• 8 large serving spoons – Approximate cost of each is $5
• 2 long wood-handle spatulas – Approximate cost is $16
• Materials for building a 4’ X 4’ X 8’ bookshelf to serve the pastor in his study. His materials currently sit on the floor beside his small desk. Total cost $125 including carpenter cost.
• 2 Musical Instruments for church programs (Trumpets)

Project Start-Up Business – Aworowa

One of the great needs in Aworowa is starting small businesses that have the potential to support a family and others in the community. Often these businesses can be successfully started with financial support of $1200-1500. Careful selection of individuals who are educated but do not have the resources necessary to start a business can be accomplished. The goal of this project is to provide 3 – $800-1200 grants for startup businesses.

• Business # 1 – Provide $1200 to an individual who wishes to start a small hog farm. This grant will allow the purchase of 3 hogs to breed an annual farm with about 24 hogs per year. Income from the hogs will support a family of 5 people.
• Business # 2 – Provide $1200 to an individual who is able to provide computer services to the schools in the local community as well as provide an income for a family of 7 people. The grant will allow the purchase of a desktop computer and a printer. The individual will provide office space for the startup business.
• Business # 3 – Provide car washing jet stream machine $800. This small machine will allow community members to start a car washing service. Washing Bay has been provided by the mission team and is currently under construction.

Project – Church Leadership Exchange

While our mission team visits Aworowa every other year and sends supplies during the off year we have never had an opportunity to bring church leaders to Wisconsin to experience our culture. We envision bringing 2 church leaders of the Methodist Church in Aworowa to Stevens Point, Wisconsin from September 11-24, 2016. Housing, food and in-country transportation will be provided by John and Barb Munson. Two selected church leaders will be provided round-trip airfare from Accra, Ghana to Chicago O’Hare. Barb and John will pick them up when they arrive. They will experience central Wisconsin culture and visit large scale agriculture businesses as well as other business sites in Wisconsin. Cost for the exchange trip is estimated $3900. Donations to support these individuals will be sought with a goal of purchasing tickets in July of 2016.
Methodist Church Ghana, Calvary Society, Aworowa

As a church that plays a highly active role in the development of the community of Aworowa, The Methodist Church is seeking startup funds for the following projects;

• Provide public restrooms for community members to use while they are at the new market purchasing supplies. There are no flush toilets or places to wash hands in the near vicinity of the market. The church plans to install new toilet facilities directly across the street from the market. A very nominal charge for use would support the cleaning and supplies of this new public toilet. It would also provide a couple of jobs for village members who would be hired to clean the toilets and maintain them on a daily basis.
• Provide access to clean water for members of the community. The church has a well that can provide clean water (Drilled by the mission 2014 group) and has run a line down to the main street. Fresh water would become available as appropriate outlet pipes and faucets are installed. It is also envisioned that it might be possible to start a bottling factory to sell water to travelers passing through the village on the main road. This would again provide jobs.
• Quality and Affordable Housing Facility – A good number of people want a convenient place of rest during church meetings and after trading at the Aworowa new market. This project will offer comfortable lodging and available meals. There are no housing facilities in the community to house travelers and visitors.

All donated items are tax deductible. Keep your receipts or if you wish to have a written letter, contact John Munson – 1101 Brawley Street, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 <a href=”mailto:barbjohn@charter.net”>barbjohn@charter.net</a> or call 715-341-1208.

Donated items can be dropped off at John’s home or taken to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church 600 Wilshire Blvd. Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 (Main office) or given to Zion/Hallie United Methodist Church, 1102 Superior St, Chippewa Falls, WI. 53402 (Main Office).