2016-06 A Message from Associate Pastor Hyejung Hwang

I enjoy seeing the children run up for Children’s Moment on Sunday morning. It reminds me of my childhood. I used to run to church from home, which took only 10 minutes. Even that short time seemed to feel long. My home church is a small church in a rural area. We did not have a variety of activities in church, but there was something that drew me to church with such excitement.

I believe God has led me to grow in a loving relationship with Him through worship services and in the many other ways there are to experience God. Playing piano in worship gave me an opportunity to be involved more and an opportunity for my faith to grow as I grew up. Worship was a fun place from time to time in my younger age, to be affirmed that I’m truly the Beloved by God in my youth, which is the time to think of who one is. And to be recharged by the Holy Spirit, worship has been like a joyful family around the table always welcoming me.

As I plan our new worship at the Plover location, I’ve been reflecting on worship in my life and my family’s life and what I want to share with others about worship. Now I understand that worship is my response through my life to God’s calling. For some, worship may be a safe haven from the fears, angers, and anxieties of the world. Some may just need a quiet place for the moment to take one of life’s deep breaths. For others, worship is a community to experience connection and to support people who are alone. We gather for different reasons and expectations, but I believe God, our continuous loving God, desires us always to love Him and our neighbors fully and completely. I want to praise the God who will never give up on us. Wherever our worship place is, church, home, on the street, and whatever our worship style is, I want to encourage you to take moments to stop and listen to what God is saying to us. In this noisy world and in our busyness during summer, I hope you can pay attention and receive the blessing that God has given to us each day and each Sunday as we gather together.

In my childhood with strong traditional worship background, I never thought we would eat waffles as a part of worship, but I am now so excited to say that our gathering on Sunday morning will be more open, creative, and relaxed. Come and join us for a new worship style, Waffle Church, the first Sunday of the month at the Plover location.

Pastor Hyejung