2016-06 Ministry News

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Hope this newsletter finds you looking forward to the summer and new choices. Enjoy God’s natural beauty all around you!!!

Sunday, May 22, we recognized persons who have been teachers, leaders and facilitators for the past season. So if you were not present, please know we appreciate and thank you for “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World”.

Things you can still be a part of this summer: check out the “Places to Go, Things to Do” board, Quilting Ministry on Wednesdays, Men’s Group (UMM) breakfast Saturday, June 25, Place of Peace Dinner, Thursday, June 16, Middler/Senior Luncheon, Thursday, June 23, Dinner for 6, check with Lynn Rasmussen, “Little Free Library” bike hike to check other locations, Jeff Troestler will keep us posted on details!

(NOTE: Middler/Senior lunches are not just for Middlers and Seniors, they are for ALL ages . . .
Please come and enjoy great programs, excellent food and wonderful fellowship).

Rally day is set for Sunday, September 11, 2016. We will have ways for you to explore possibilities for next season, people to talk to, and ways to sign up and get re-connected in the fall.

We are still working on our survey, trying to be thorough in what we ask and how. We look forward to your taking time to respond. May summer bring new joys and awareness of God’s presence.

Blessings, Patti (715-341-4152 or phermes@stevenspointumc.org) and Nea (715-344-0157 or jimandneamiller@att.net).

Lavendar Springs
The “Lavender Springs Spa” women’s retreat held, Saturday, April 30th was wonderful. We had 22 ladies present and 3 gentlemen( Tim, Jim and Vern) who served our luncheon. Thank you to the team who assumed leadership roles: Mary, Cathy, Lois, Anne, Jessica, and Karen. And thank you to those of you who chose to be a participant. It was a great day filled with good people, good leadership, good food, good fellowship, and most of all God’s presence! Looking forward to next year…the Adult Ministry Team.

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For the Four Months Ending April 30, 2016

Operating Summary

Income (Contributions)
Contributions for the first four months exceeded budget by $23,572 or almost 15%. This is a great start to the budget year.


Overall Expenses for the first four months are under budget by $7,816 or about 5%. A fair number of budget categories were slightly under budget. Again, a great start.


The early results of contributions are encouraging. Thank you for your continued generosity!

Do you know that 54% of the Apportionments (our giving to United Methodist Church ministries beyond the local church) we give go towards Missions? These include things like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc. Hungry people are fed, homeless people are housed, & those whose lives have been torn apart are helped by your gifts. Apportionments are not something we do, they reflect who we are. The total given to Coins of Compassion for the four months is $2,613.57.

The Roof Loan has a balance of $160,469.91 as of April 30. Your support is needed as we continue to pay this down.

We challenge each of you for the next six weeks to give 10% of your income. We are called by Scripture to give generously, with a cheerful heart. Sometimes we may feel anxious about taking the step “beyond what we think we can give”, but after prayer trust God for the results. The act of giving allows God to change our hearts so that ultimately we end up giving to Him cheerfully. Try this challenge & see what a difference you will notice in your life.

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Thank you
Social Creed Ministry would like to thank the following people who have and continue to adopt flower beds on the Stevens Point parking lot:

Howard & Julie Hintzman, Don & Barb Huibregtse, Scott Frazier, Kim Houston, Bonnie Lund, Carol Pringle, Karl Weyers, Charley & Olive White, Julie Wallace and Kay Witt.

Thanks to the Prairie Fire Crew for burning the prairie:  Scott Frazier, Harv Hayden, Don Huibregste, Pete Kasson, Bonnie Lund,  Jim Miller, Dave Patterson, Dave Pringle, and Charley White.

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Youth Raise Over $400 for Imagine No Malaria

Youth gathered in Hazel Calkins Fellowship Hall on Sunday, April 17, for the 2nd Annual Dance-A-Thon to benefit Imagine No Malaria. Youth raised in excess of $400 at this year’s fundraiser! Thanks to all our Youth, youth ministry leaders, parents and community for their support to grow awareness of, advocate for, and raise funds for the education, prevention, and treatment of this deadly disease.

Follow Youth Ministry on Facebook at facebook.com/stpaulsumcyouth.point, or contact Laura Courtright Burns at
715-340-4523, lauracourtright@gmail.com for more information on Youth Ministry of the United Methodist Church.