2016-08 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

Julie and I attended the local children/youth theater group’s presentation of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” at Sentry theater. It was amazing the work the children and youth, along with their adult leaders, put into this production and how well it was performed. One part that really caught my attention was when the person who was doing the usual welcome and shut off your cell phones said in closing, “We want to thank The Springs and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.” Thanks for what? The group uses our facility in Plover as their rehearsal home. I will take free press like that any day.  

Then of course, the community was made aware in the local paper of our yearly Fresh Clothes Project, an effort to fulfill Jesus’ command to clothe people. Since the middle of June, people have been diligently working to find, wash, repair and sort the 10,000+ pieces of clothing, which will be handed out this month for children going back to school.  

Some of us went to the Airport Bar in July and had a wonderful experience with our neighbors down the street from our Point location, living out Jesus’ call to be good neighbors. Randy Hermes was busy passing out cards to people for the Blessing of the Animals service in Plover on the 17th, while others of us chatted with a friendly and funny bartender (who, by the way remembered us from our time there before and was glad to see us), and yet others connected with some of the customers.

Church camp this year brought in more children and youth than in the past few years because of reaching out to churches and communities outside of our own.
The camp this year celebrated forty years of changing lives for Christ under the
fine leadership of Selma Taylor for all these years.

The Strategic Team, a follow-up to the Vision Team, is working to see that we are “making disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world” following the suggestions the Church Conference adopted at our gathering last December. We are looking at creating a new look to our ministries and facilities as well as developing leaders and growing closer to God through spiritual growth opportunities and developing new ministries in our Plover location. Everyone will have the opportunity to hear the whole story in the fall.

The people of Finance have encouraged us to try tithing, giving ten percent of our income to God, for six weeks during the summer. Some of you must be doing that because we are holding our own through the summer and are very grateful to you for your faithfulness to God and your gratitude for all God has done for you and our church.

We had thirty people, two dogs and one porcelain cat at our Blessing of the Animals in July. We even blessed animals in absentia, pets people did not bring with them to worship but felt needed a blessing from God. Pastor Hyejung’s daughter (Hasom’s) dog even barked in rhythm to one of the songs we sang.

God is doing amazing things through us as scripture has promised God wants to do. We aren’t even into August yet and we have Vacation Bible School coming up yet. All of this showing how we have been called to be good neighbors to whomever we encounter. Till next time…hjh

2016-08 Waffle Church Story

From Marv Van Kekerix and Becci Wiegand

Waffle Church

On the first Sunday of this month, Becci and I had the opportunity to experience “Waffle Church” in Plover. “Waffle Church” is an initiative designed to encourage a new way to participate in worship in a less formal setting that includes prayer, interacting with scripture, and conversation with other participants. Pastor Hyejung has taken the leadership role in bringing this interesting and unique experience to us. We encourage everyone to consider participating in this delightful, informal service, and experience a new way of connecting with God and each other. And the waffles, fruit and juice are terrific too! See you on August 7, 8:45 am, at the Plover location, 2820 Plover Springs Dr.

Waffle Church 1Waffle Church 3Waffle Church 2

2016-08 Mission News


Interfaith Food Pantry of Portage County
Started by The Springs UMC in the 1990’s, the Interfaith Food Pantry of Portage County is located at 2810 Post Rd in Plover and is open to anyone living in the county. Funds will be used to help pay for food needed for distribution that was not obtained through donations.

Personal Hygiene Items


It is time to start thinking about our mission trip to Midwest Mission Distribution Center in January 2017.  We are leaving on Tuesday, January 17 and returning on Saturday, January 21.  We will be working Wednesday through Friday only, as MMDC is now closed on Saturdays.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required by November 1, 2016 and the balance of $200 is needed by January 1, 2017.  We have rooms reserved for 16 volunteers.  We travel in a caravan with our food supplies, MMDC supplies and bedding.  Bonnie Lund provides games for us to play or you can bring your crafty work with you also.  Yes, we do have lots of laughs!

Please call Mary Gurlea at 715-321-2102 or email Mary at mgurlea@gmail.com to indicate your interest.  All monies will be directed to Mary Gurlea; there is mailbox in the office at the Point location.  Please feel free to contact Mary, Bonnie Lund at bonnielund@charter.net or Vern Walters at
vcwalters265@aol.com with any questions. Looking forward to having all our 16 beds full this year! Thank you!
Mary Gurlea


Project Fresh ClothesWe are asking for donations of school-aged clothing in good condition to be dropped off at St. Paul’s, Stevens Point YMCA or First Weber Realtors on Hwy 10 now until August 8.

We are in need of helpers on Wednesday nights, 6:30-8:00 PM. We sort clothes by sizes and gender and have fun doing this! Come and join us if you can.

Monetary donations are also welcomed so we can purchase clothing sizes we need. Checks can be made out to St. Pauls UMC/Project Fresh Clothes.

We will also need volunteers to help with setting up, distributing and tearing down the week of August 13.
Whether you contribute your time, dollars or clothing, PFC is a unique opportunity to make a direct impact of the children in our community. Please consider being a part of this effort to make this project a success for its 13th year!

Questions? Contact Cathy Martin, Mary Schultz, Liz Hayden, Maggie Watson or Gini Wurtzel



  • The purpose of the pantry is to act as hands of the community to serve the  Portage County residents in need of supplemental food.Interfaith Food Pantry
  • The pantry serves any resident of Portage County, commonly including unemployed, underemployed, elderly, handicapped, single parent or
    large  households.
  • The pantry provides regular service twice per month, the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 6 to 8 PM.
  • The pantry serves an average of 650 persons (about 160 households) at each pantry or about 1,300 persons (320 households) per  month.
  • Each household receives food in proportion to household size: about 50 to 80 pounds of food per each pantry.
  • Items distributed include meat, potatoes, frozen products, canned and boxed items, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy items, eggs, bread and  bakery items.

The following are numbers from the July 12th pantry:
Families 163 (19 new)
Individuals 556 (55 new)
Children 166 (19 new)
Seniors 67 (5 new)

The following are numbers from the July 26th pantry:
Families  177  (17 new)
Individuals  679  (51 new)
Children  228  (21 new)
Seniors  55  (2 new)

2016-08 Stewardship Connection

Stewardship connection 1
I have given a lot of thought lately to the stewardship aspect of my life and how it has changed. When Howard asked everyone to take that leap of faith and join in on doing the “Stewardship Challenge” for the summer, I had already taken that “jump” about 4 weeks prior after attending a Stewardship Conference. It really was a HUGE leap of faith for me! I had been contributing whatever I felt I could afford each week & sometimes not even each week & now I was going to trust God to take care of me because I was going to contribute 10% of my income. Yikes! Pretty scary, especially because I am my only source of income.

I might be an accountant; however, I work for 2 nonprofits, one of them the church. After much time in prayer, I really felt it was what I was supposed to do. I have been contributing 10% ever since then & it is so very amazing! I have not even missed that money! Somehow, there is still enough money to pay my bills. God is simply amazing!

Then service on June 26th, with the song “Through It All”, really hit home for me. If any of you remember it, it says that, Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus & I’ve learned to trust in God through all of my trials, through all of the valleys. God has blessed me & made me stronger through these things & showed me how God could solve these problems. It was such a powerful reminder of what God can do & has done in my life & I hope it was the same for each you. I think we should incorporate that song about every month or so as a reminder to all of us.

Stewardship connection 2
May God bless each one of you & help you all to find that trust to take the “leap” of faith, even if it’s for 1%, or $2 a week. God only asks us to contribute what we can and no more.

Joy Pennell

2016-08 Do you or someone you know need a Stephen Minister?


Stephen Ministry Logo
UNCONDITIONAL: Not subject to any conditions or limitations.
It is hard to find anything that is unconditional.  Everything seems to have strings attached to it.  Yet God’s love is unconditional – we don’t have to earn it or achieve anything to receive it.  At times, however, we can feel quite removed from God’s unconditional love.  We can feel guilty, undeserving, or downright, “unlovable”.   At those times, Stephen Ministers can help.  They are trained to listen and care in a nonjudgmental way, focusing on letting Christ’s unconditional love flow through them and into the life of their care receiver.  If you or someone you know has been struggling with guilt or feeling unlovable and would like to learn more about Stephen Ministry, please contact Pastor Howard or Randy Hermes, Coordinator.

2016-08 A Message from Lay Leader Jim Martin

The Passionate Church

In January of 2015, I was blessed to be part of our churches vision team, charged with developing a five year vision and strategic action plan for our ministries. The Vision Team presented its plan and recommendations to the Church Conference in December and transferred the ownership of this Vision Plan document to our Church Council. Today we have a newly formed church strategic team who is developing the plan to prepare our congregation to embrace change as we move towards our vision to expand our ministries, equip our leaders, committees and congregation to make discipleship and engage in the transformation of our world. To be passionate about something is to be intentional about the cause or mission you are about. Our mission statement is “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. Our vision to do this work has been defined by four key categories. Category 1, Growing Disciples; Category 2, Ministry Opportunities; Category 3, Outreach Ministries to Those in Need (the poor); Category 4, Administration or the technology to serve our ministries. Our strategic team is developing the process to bring our vision plan into action and to share it with the congregation. This process throughout this past year has been motivating in thinking of all the possibilities we have to grow our ministries, serve our community and live out our mission as a church founded on the principles of Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Howard gave me a book to read entitled The Passionate Church authored by Mike Slaughter who pastors Ginghamsburg Church, the fifth largest United Methodist Church in the country, located in Tipp City, Ohio. This is a book you can easily read in a day or two. I found it to be inspirational in regards to what a then small church can accomplish if it stays focused on its mission and vision for its ministries for the transformation of the world. This once small church grew to become the fifth largest church in the United Methodist connection by staying focused on its mission and the four key focused areas for ministry.

After reading this book about the transformation of the Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio, it was inspiring to compare our four strategic areas of focused ministry outlined in our vision plan to the four areas of focus outlined in the Ginghamsburg church’s vision plan. I was encouraged to see similarities in both our model and theirs which also inspired and motivated me to want to be more engaged in the implementation of our vision plan. I believe there are exciting and new ministries ahead for our church. We may not grow to be a large mega church but I believe that we all have an opportunity to grow in our discipleship and be part of the transformation of the world.

I will not go into the details of my comparison between the two vision plan models but rather share with you that I am excited about the future of our church. The author remarks that “it’s good to talk about ministry. It’s better to do it, and do it passionately.” I think we all enjoy being part of something new and exciting and to experience the joy of serving others. As we are reminded in Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” We are part of a great church and one that is recognized in our community for serving others. Are we “The Passionate Church”? I will let you decide.

In closing, our Strategic Team is meeting weekly and preparing the agenda, timelines, developing materials and organizing small group sessions to bring our vision plan to life. Our Church Council and various committees are completing the action items assigned last December for year one of our Vision plan. The work our Church leaders, our committees and the collective feedback from our small group sessions this fall will solidify our vision model for moving forward into year two through year five or 2020. I believe our four focused areas outlined in our vision plan will be inspirational and motivating to spring us into actions with new ministry opportunities. I encourage each of you to participate in the scheduled small group sessions to hear about these opportunities and to self-examine how you can grow in your discipleship and share in the transformation of the world. In the months to come, we will share announcements for events and dates that will take place this fall. You will not want to miss out on this exciting time in our church’s future journey.

Jim Martin
Lay Leader

2016-08 You Are Invited! Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life: You and Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts logo                     ( Watch the video -> )  Spiritual Gifts video

WHAT?        The course Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life: You and Your Spiritual Gifts

WHY?           To experience spiritual growth, to add deeper meaning and satisfaction to your life, to understand more fully whom God created you to be and what God wants you to do with your life

WHERE?    The United Methodist Church – Point location in the conference room

WHEN?       Mondays, September 26 – November 21, 7:00-8:00 pm

HOW?          Sign up below or call Mary Gurlea at 715-321-2102, Patti or Randy Hermes at 715-341-4152 or Nea Miller at 715-344-0157
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2016-08 Ministry News



[expand title=”Adult Ministry”]
Adult Ministry Logo
Our survey is out…please take a few minutes to respond and return. You will find it in the Sunday bulletin and on our web site. Your voice is important to us.

Looking to the fall season, we have multiple ways for you to connect to God, to each other, and to our community. Here is a list of ongoing and new opportunities that will aide in our “Making Disciples for the Transformation of the World”.

Small Groups (Point location)

9:00-10:00 am Faithlink follows the lectionary and focuses on social concerns…weekly topics, conference room
7:00-8:00 pm Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life: You and Your Spiritual Gifts September 26 – November 21, conference room
2:30-5:30 pm Quilting Ministry, Thomas Cooke Room
5:00-5:30 pm Placemat Ministry follows the lectionary, with a variety of topics, conference room
6:00-7:00 pm Invitation to the Book of Romans (8 week Disciple Class), conference room
12:00 Noon Middler/Senior Luncheons, the fourth week of the month (see brochure for schedule)
8:00 pm Barhopping with the Pastor, second week of the month, (check calendar/newsletter for bar of the month)
9:00-10:00 am Women on the Grow, text is “Forgiveness” by Marjory Thompson, library
12:00-1:30 pm Fly High, Huddle Warm, Thomas coke room
1:00-2:00 pm Happy Hour, text is “Are You Fired Up or Burned Out?” by James Moore, library
8:00-9 am United Methodist Men’s Breakfast, last Saturday of the month

Companions in Christ Class, time and day to be determined
Place of Peace Meal, once a month, there are many ways you can help with this project (check ½ sheet on our Adult Ministry board)
Special Projects at Washington School, watch for volunteer details in the bulletins and newsletters
Retreats, women’s retreat spring 2017
Places to go, things to do board, a variety of valuable information; Check it out!
Annual fundraiser, looking to January…meal, variety show, silent auction…save your good stuff!

After we review the results of our survey, we may have additions or changes to make. Stay tuned!  Rally Day Sunday, September 11, will provide opportunities to talk with leaders and sign up to be re-connected in the fall. In the meantime, we have a sign up center in the gathering space. Please make your desires known so materials will be ready. Wednesday, September 7, is Disciple’s Diner opening night and Wednesday classes will begin. Other groups and classes will follow as their day and time come up. Come get connected…be the blessing God designed you to be!
~The Adult Ministry Team

[expand title=”Disciples’ Diner Ministry”]
Welcome…….. Disciples’ Diner Reopens September 7

Disciples Diner LogoPlan to come and perhaps invite a friend to enjoy the Wednesday evening fellowship, food and music at Disciples’ Diner. Dinner is at 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall at the Point location. A new season begins on September 7 with casserole night and will continue on most Wednesdays through May 2017. Check out the brochure for dates and menu themes throughout the year or pick up a brochure at the Connection Center/Gathering Area at both Point and Plover locations.

Thank you to everyone who will be serving on the Diner team this year whether returning or new members. We still need a few people who could provide a casserole or offer the blessing once a month, but we are also seeking people who could help on a substitute basis or for a portion of the season. If you have questions or would like to serve in this ministry, please contact Sandy Shave at 715-592-4346 or sandra.shave@gmail.com.

[expand title=”Music Ministry”]

Chancel Choir
Music LogoThe Chancel Choir is the adult choir at the Point location, made up of high school, college age and older. Our primary purpose is to be a part of the Sunday morning worship services, and to reinforce the message and scripture for the morning.

We sing approximately three Sundays out of every month, and for any special services as needed.  We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, September through May.  We sing a variety of styles of music, and there are no try outs. We welcome anyone who enjoys singing and using their voice as a way to Praise God.  Come and try us out for a fun time!  If interested contact Pat Laabs (director) at 715-684-9473.


[expand title=”Outreach Ministry”]

Fall Fest Update

Fall Fest Pic 1Fall Fest plans are progressing nicely.  There will be a variety of activities which will include cake walks, military truck rides, movies and popcorn, and much more.  There will also be musical performances provided by our church members.  We will have free basket drawings throughout the event.  (You do not need to be present to win.)  Food will be available at a nominal fee.  Outreach is looking for more Fall Fest Pic 2.jpgpeople or businesses to donate baskets for the event.  Call the church office at 715-344-3557 or Lisa Hansen at 715-342-4108 if you are able to help with a basket.  Lisa can offer suggestions for a theme.  We are also looking to borrow canopies for the event as well.  Please call the church office or Randy Hermes at 715-341-4152 if you have a canopy you could loan.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Fall Fest on September 18; it will begin immediately after the church service.



Make a good first impression:
Care for your building and grounds as a way of honoring your attendees and honoring God.  A well-cared-for building demonstrates a commitment to excellence and communicates that what the church does is important

Have clear exterior and interior signage that guides visitors everywhere they need to go

Make sure your restrooms are neat and clean


2016-08 Vacation Bible School

ReNew Logo

ReNew VBS Kickoff on Sunday, August 21, 11:30am–12:30pm
Picnic Lunch! Prairie Garden Tours! Special Activities!

Grow In Faith! Have Fun! Change The World!

Let’s work together to care for creation! It’s time to register for ReNew: The Green VBS!

ReNew: The Green VBS is VBS that inspires kids and adults to grow in faith, have fun, and change the world as they practice earth stewardship!

ReNew is an Intergenerational, Action-Oriented VBS. Dinner is offered each night at 5:30pm with assembly and activities from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome–activities best suited for ages 4 to adult. Younger children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

AUGUST 22-25, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
The United Methodist Church – Stevens Point location
600 Wilshire Blvd.

We begin each evening with a simple supper. ReNew VBS activities start at 6pm.

For Online Registration, click here.

Or, register at the ReNew VBS displays at both Stevens Point and Plover church locations.

Follow us on the ReNew VBS Event Facebook Page.

See you at ReNew: The Green VBS!



2016-08 News and Upcoming Events

In Sympathy
Rev. Sandra J. Foley Gaylord, wife of Rev. Frank Gaylord, and cousin of Jo Carlson, died Monday, July 18, 2016. A Memorial Service was held Thursday, July 28, at Monona United Methodist Church. Please keep the Gaylord and Carlson families in your prayers.

Marian Dakins daughter, Elaine Kruzitski, died June 25, 2016 and her granddaughter, Dawn Sankey (Elaine’s daughter) died on July 13, 2016. Please keep the Dakins, Kruzitski and Sankey families in your prayers.

Blood Pressure Clinic
Sunday, August 7 @ Point Location, in the library

Staffing Update
Aaron Scharmer will no longer be serving in the roles as Worship and N ‘Joy accompanist. Staff-Parish wants to thank
you for sharing his gift of music with us.


[expand title=”HAPPY BIRTHDAY”]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to our 90 and over
members, constituents and friends

Marian Dakins  August 1           97
Jenny Beadle     August 23        97

[expand title=”MEN’S BREAKFAST”]

mens brkfst

Saturday, August 27, 2016
8:00 am at Point location

Join men of faith for breakfast & fellowship.
Menu: Scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, cereal, juice and coffee.

[expand title=”MEET AND GREET”]

The following is a list of groups who are in charge of Meet & Greet for August:

August 7              Committee on Lay Leadership
August 14            Adult Ministry
August 21            Women on the Grow
August 28            Outreach


August 25th
Lunch @12:00 noon
“Learn to Think Like a Blue-Bird”
Presenter: Kent Hall

Questions or to make a Reservation call 715-344-3557
Reservations appreciated!