2016-07 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

Ecclesiastes 3 says that everything has its season, its time, its place, its order, its way of being done, its rhythm. July has its season, which is the celebration of Independence Day on the fourth. We celebrate our rebellion as a developing nation, our unwillingness to be under the thumb of someone else a long way away, across the ocean, who has never even been to America. So, 242 years ago, we set out on a new adventure, which we are still exploring. It is an adventure that will never be complete in our lifetime or ever.  

Life is not about having it all done or complete; rather it is an ongoing process and adventure, and exploration of what this life can be. One of those explorations usually has its appropriate season in the church calendar. We only explore the many facets of money in the fall and try to get it over with as fast as we can so we don’t have to think about it anymore.  But not this year. This year, the month of July will be the season of talking about money, using as a guide for this adventure, a book by Kent Millard entitled The Gratitude Path.

We hear a lot about making America great again, too often rhetoric that most people have no idea what it means. America will only be a great nation when it is filled with people who are grateful. In particular, Christians, people who claim to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, are called to be grateful. Grateful Christians are content people. Grateful Christians are peaceful people. Grateful Christians love God first and foremost. Grateful Christians strive to be Christ-like. Grateful Christians are hope-filled people. Grateful Christians are generous people, beyond all expectation. 

This summer we have challenged people to grow in gratitude by tithing for six weeks. You choose which six weeks you want. We are asking people to try the scriptural teaching of giving ten percent of their income for six weeks. This is one way you will grow into being a grateful person. Try it, you might like it. Till next time…Howard