2016-07 A Snapshot from Finance

For the five months ending May 31, 2016

Income (Contributions)
Contributions for May exceeded budget, by approx. $21,413 or 11%, this is not taking into account the Dedicated Accounts Income. Let’s keep it going! Great!

Overall Expenses for May were under budget by $14,565 or about 7%. Almost all budget categories were under budget. Again, not including Dedicated Accounts. Great job!!

We are almost half way through the year and your generosity has been wonderful!
Do you realize that when we talk about generous giving at church, it does not always mean financial.
Think about volunteering, social connections, neighborly generosity, and so on. It includes financial
giving, but is not limited to money. When I think of the people that are particularly generous, I think
about those that volunteer in the church office every day, answering the phone and doing other tasks to help;
or the generosity of the Tool Box Brigade to help someone out in need of a home repair; or those that
help to prepare and serve the meals for the Place of Peace and Hope Center
Like all spiritual practices, generosity takes practice. With practice, in response to God’s generous grace, we can succeed in becoming more generous ourselves. Let’s see if we can practice being more generous.

Stewardship boils down to three major points:Giving

 God owns it all

We are all stewards

We have a responsibility to manage it for His glory

A big thank you to those that are taking the 6-week challenge by increasing their contribution!  

If we offered “Give by Text”, meaning that you could make your contribution with your
Smartphone – would you use it?  Please send Joy a quick email & let her know.  Thanks!

Finance Chart as of May 31 2016

Graph May 31 2016