2016-08 Stewardship Connection

Stewardship connection 1
I have given a lot of thought lately to the stewardship aspect of my life and how it has changed. When Howard asked everyone to take that leap of faith and join in on doing the “Stewardship Challenge” for the summer, I had already taken that “jump” about 4 weeks prior after attending a Stewardship Conference. It really was a HUGE leap of faith for me! I had been contributing whatever I felt I could afford each week & sometimes not even each week & now I was going to trust God to take care of me because I was going to contribute 10% of my income. Yikes! Pretty scary, especially because I am my only source of income.

I might be an accountant; however, I work for 2 nonprofits, one of them the church. After much time in prayer, I really felt it was what I was supposed to do. I have been contributing 10% ever since then & it is so very amazing! I have not even missed that money! Somehow, there is still enough money to pay my bills. God is simply amazing!

Then service on June 26th, with the song “Through It All”, really hit home for me. If any of you remember it, it says that, Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus & I’ve learned to trust in God through all of my trials, through all of the valleys. God has blessed me & made me stronger through these things & showed me how God could solve these problems. It was such a powerful reminder of what God can do & has done in my life & I hope it was the same for each you. I think we should incorporate that song about every month or so as a reminder to all of us.

Stewardship connection 2
May God bless each one of you & help you all to find that trust to take the “leap” of faith, even if it’s for 1%, or $2 a week. God only asks us to contribute what we can and no more.

Joy Pennell