2016-08 Waffle Church Story

From Marv Van Kekerix and Becci Wiegand

Waffle Church

On the first Sunday of this month, Becci and I had the opportunity to experience “Waffle Church” in Plover. “Waffle Church” is an initiative designed to encourage a new way to participate in worship in a less formal setting that includes prayer, interacting with scripture, and conversation with other participants. Pastor Hyejung has taken the leadership role in bringing this interesting and unique experience to us. We encourage everyone to consider participating in this delightful, informal service, and experience a new way of connecting with God and each other. And the waffles, fruit and juice are terrific too! See you on August 7, 8:45 am, at the Plover location, 2820 Plover Springs Dr.

Waffle Church 1Waffle Church 3Waffle Church 2