2016-09 Thank You from Project Fresh Clothes Team

Project Fresh Clothes
Thank you to each and every one of you who touched our church’s 2016 Project Fresh Clothes Mission. This project in its 13th year touched over 900 Stevens Point Community children on August 13th offering them a wide selection of 8,000 clothing items. A variety of pants, shirts, coats, shoes and accessories were collected and purchased. They were distributed bringing smiles and ‘thank yous’ from children and their parents. We also packed 24 boxes of clothing for teachers to distribute in the Almond-Bancroft School District and more boxes for Stevens Point District Counselors to use for new or students in need.

In our Community where many are in need, we provided an outreached heart and hand sharing Christ’s Love. If you donated clothing, picked up donated clothing or boxes, laundered or sorted clothing, helped in our publicity or answered questions about the project, made a financial contribution to purchase clothing, went shopping for clothing, boxed or transported clothing, ensured supporting items such as clothing racks or tables, were at the event, helped to set-up or children shop at the event or clean-up after the project, YOU played an important role!

This is a project that is only possible due to many of us being involved. To the more than 75 church members, your family members or friends who helped, thank you so much. You have helped to open hearts, minds and doors….

Thank you for being a Blessing to others.

Cathy Martin, Mary Schultz, Maggie Watson, Gini Wurtzel and Liz Hayden, Project Leaders