2016-09 Waffle Church Story

A Waffle Church Story from Pastor Hyejung

As we wrap up our summer of doing waffle church, I’m reflecting on the process and am thankful for all our efforts and ideas from the Waffle Church team. The Waffle Church team considered carefully and practiced how to be inclusive, exciting, and fun. Everything was planned with our desire to be a tool to invite people to experience God’s amazing and sweet love. Since it was a new experience, there was lots of learning as it developed. I am so thankful for all the hands that made it happen and your prayers. As the idea was initiated in family ministry team, Laura Courtright Burns, our director of Family Ministry, was committed to designing the worship and worship space in creative ways. It was a space that was open, fresh, fun and full of laughter and welcoming people. I hope we continue to create the space in our lives. Worship is not an event on Sunday, but happens in any place at anytime. Be open and creative in worshiping God wherever you are in. May you experience the sweetness and stickiness of God’s love as waffles and syrup are in worshiping God.
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Waffle Church 5

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