2016-10 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

Anybody know what time it is?   Central daylight time?   Time to get up?   Time for work?   Time  to start exercising or change my eating habits?    Time to forgive someone?    All I know is, for our congregation “Now Is the Time.”    Time for what?   TIME  for “Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” through Teaching, Inviting, Modeling and Equipping.

 A group of people with the title Strategic Team have developed our Vision Plan presented at the 2015 Church Conference using the logo, “Now Is the Time.”    The team was made up of Tonya Kowalski, Yvonne Chojnacki, Jim Miller, Jim Martin, Marv VanKekerix and Howard Hintzman. Through the month of October you will be hearing a lot about this. The plan was presented to the September Church Council meeting and during October the attempt will be made for as many members and friends from the church as possible to hear the message.  Please be watching our various forms of media to see the times and places when this will happen. It will take about thirty minutes of your life and any feedback you are willing to offer.

The Church Council believes we are sitting on the edge of a growing and spiritually important time in our life.  We truly believe Jesus is standing at our door saying, “this is your time to make Christ-followers for the transformation of our world.” We believe we are ready to have this important task thrust upon us. Please be in prayer for our church always, but especially during the month of October.