2016-10 Do you or someone you know need a Stephen Minister

Equipping the Saints . . .
In Ephesians 4 (NRSV), Paul talks about pastors and other leaders as gifts God has given the church “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” Stephen Ministry has given us an organized way to equip those gifted for caring ministry so that they can build up the body Christ by providing Christian care and support to those experiencing a difficult time. If you would like more information on our Stephen Ministry or know of someone who may be in need of a Stephen Minster, please contact Pastor Howard or Randy Hermes, Coordinator.

What Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders Have Done In August 2016
We have 7 active Stephen Ministers, 5 active Stephen Leaders and 4 Stephen Ministers in reserve. In August, our Stephen Ministry Team gave 75 hours and much ministry to their care receivers, peer supervision, training, continuing education and handling of the administrative details of the Stephen Ministry program.