2016-11 Ministry News



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In the month of October we were challenged to look at ourselves in terms of who we are, and whose we are. We are taking that very seriously by answering the question: What does your LOVE look like?

Living out our “CORE Values”: Maturing faith, Acceptance, Passion and Social Justice we will continue to support our ongoing ministries and welcome new ones that God brings our way. We are aware that the “TIME” message this past month spoke to what we are doing. We are teaching, we are inviting, hopefully modeling our faith and ultimately equipping the saints to do God’s work.

Please checkout our brochure at the Connection Center or the Adult Ministry board. If you have questions call the office 715-344-3557 and they will direct you appropriately.

MIDDLER/SR. LUNCHEON – Thursday, November 17, noon “A Sentimental Journey”. The 1937 honeymoon trip of Earl and Ethel Rasmussen. Presenter: son, Carl Rasmussen.

LITTLE FREE PANTRY – Coming Soon! There is a cart in the office for product collection. There is also a half sheet for you to take listing appropriate items for the pantry. Thank you for sharing in this ministry.

FUN, FUNDRAISER – Saturday, January 28, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Italian meal with vegetarian alternative, free will offering, Variety Show, and Silent Auction. Be saving items for the auction. If you would like to be in the variety show, call the office and they will contact someone to call you with details. If you bring auction items before the end of December, mark them Auction/Fundraiser and put on the stage.

ADVENT STUDY – ”The Redemption of Scrooge”, a four week study starting Wednesday, November 16, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, in the Conference Room at Point location. The book is $10.00, from the “Pop Culture Series” and shows how the teachings of Jesus can be found in Dickens’ Christmas classic. Call the office to order a book.

ADVENT ACTIVITY – An Intergenerational activity sponsored by Family Ministry and Adult Ministry, Saturday, December 10, 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Activities include movie, snacks and craft activity. Bring your family and friends!

God bless you and your families and friends as you prepare your hearts and minds to receive our Savior this Holy Season. Blessings, the Adult Ministry Team

“Little Free Library” Bike Ride
The day was beautiful, and the fellowship amazing! The “Disciple’s 12” left about noon and began the venture. Our first stop was at Elizabeth and Andy Felt’s library. With this stop we were served cookies!!! Thank you Elizabeth for your warm hospitality! There were 12 of us ages 15 months to 74 yrs. old. Thankfully, there weren’t any major events going on in the community so traffic wasn’t too bad. All was good! Thank you Howard, Hyejung, Hasom, Habom, Keith, Lisa, Jeff, Julie, Eric, Tyler, Jim and Nea for a blessed day. We celebrate being a part of this world-wide ministry to our brothers and sisters. Check photos on the Adult Ministry board.


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Advent Sing-a-long
Beginning Tuesday, November 28, for four Tuesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, at the Plover location, we will sing our way through the Advent songs in our Hymnal. We will share out thoughts and feelings about the time of anticipation. For all ages! Come as you can.

Prayer Space
Please come and have quiet time with God. There are some activities and tools to help you to stay in the peace given by God. It is open anytime the church building is open. The Prayer Place is located at the entrance of the Discovery Zone near the north entrance of the Stevens Point church building.


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basket-of-apples-rack“Random Act of Christian Kindness” for Our Elementary School Neighbors
On October 28, Outreach provided baskets of apples and cookies for the staffs of our school neighbors; Washington and Roosevelt Schools. This Random Act of Christian Kindness was to thank the staff for caring for our neighborhood children. We also provided 19 new stocking caps for the staff to give to children who may not own or may have lost their caps. “Thank You” knitters of The United Methodist Church who provided the stocking caps.


Be intentional about saying hello and goodbye:
Station greeters at all entrances, in classroom areas, and in the parking lot or entry walks, if appropriate.

Escort newcomers to the nursery, classrooms, coffee hour, etc. Don’t just point the way or give directions.

Adopt the “rule of three,” which says members will not talk to other members in the first three minutes following the service — typically how long it takes guests to exit.