2016-12 A Message from Pastor Hyejung Hwang

In this season of Advent, we anticipate the new beginning with Jesus Christ, and some of us may be expecting the first snowfall. Last Sunday, when a young man shared his prayer for snow, I smiled as it made me think of the connection between awaiting snow and awaiting Jesus Christ. When snow falls from the sky, it may remind us of Christ’s coming. Snow comes to the earth quietly just as Jesus did in the world. Jesus’ human form gave him the same vulnerability as humans. He was hurt and suffered, and he befriended those in need of fixing, healing, change, worthiness and finding God.

We are waiting for Jesus’ coming like the Christians in the early church, as well as celebrating baby Jesus’ birth into the world. Think about your preparation as you wait for your guests to arrive at your house that you have been looking forward to seeing. Before their arrival, you will clean the house, cook for them, prepare the prettiest plates on the table, and your heart will be fluttering in anticipation. Waiting for something we look forward to is so exciting! As you wait for Jesus, what are you hoping for? Jesus Christ comes to us to listen, to heal our pain, to wipe away the tears, to feed us, and to bring change and peace to the world. Jesus comes to us to do his will with us, through us. Throughout Advent and Christmas, I hope we may be filled with hope, peace, joy and love, as we remember who we are and what we are expecting.