2017-01 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

We are blessed to be part of this congregation. I know that is how I feel.  I hope you feel that way. We are blessed because God has provided us with a spirit for our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. This mission calls us beyond concern for our own comfort and desires. It is a call to intentionally mature in the faith, which means growing in our faith from what we believed and felt last January 1.

Our missions call us to acceptance of all people as children of God, in other words having a radical hospitality, which goes beyond anything that would be expected. A mission like this also calls us to have a passion for loving God through Jesus Christ and modeling that love in all we do and say. And last of all, such a mission calls us to equip ourselves so we may serve all God’s people through our commitment to social justice.   

January 1, 2017 is the time for us to not just continue making disciples, but to grow in our commitment as disciples to invite all into the circle of God’s love and to model what it means to be disciples through our service to others.

I invite you to pray diligently in 2017 as to how you, how we, can grow in love of God and all God’s children. Do no harm. Love one another. Stay in love with God.

Till next time…hjh