2017-02 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

Two parts to my note this month. First of all, I want to express my appreciation to Pastor Hyejung for her time of serving here as appointed by Bishop Jung. She taught me some things about being in ministry and life together as a colleague. One of the funny things she asked me, while in preparation for Bishop Jung’s appearance in worship in 2016, was why we needed to have cake, a suggestion I made. It would have been so simple to say, “Well, duh, that’s what you do for a celebration, you have cake”. She helped me think about why we say or do the things we do. She also helped me to remember that communication is a two-way street. I learned that if Pastor Hyejung had to work hard at speaking the English language, then I had to work just as hard at listening. So often we want communication in life to be easy, but for it to be good whether Korean/English, Republican/Democrat, male/female, parent/child it takes work on both sides. So, I send Pastor Hyejung to Eau Claire with my blessings, and ask that you keep her faithfully in your prayers.
The second thing I want to speak to is an opportunity you will have to hear two different preachers this winter and spring. On the last Sunday of February, Pastor Eric Taylor, a son of this congregation, who is currently appointed to Parfreyville United Methodist Church, will be preaching at both services here and I will be preaching at the congregation he serves. Eric is on his way to being ordained an elder in the next couple of years, the final step in the process of being a pastor in full connection and this will give you a chance to see what fine work you have done in helping him arrive at this place in his life. Also, late in April, someone many of you know well, Candy Lisiecki, who preaches at the South Burr Oak United Methodist Church, will be preaching here and I will be preaching at her congregation. In both of these opportunities, you are able to witness the way you have helped to grow up preachers/clergy for the entire church of Christ. Till next time…h (I am back to one h now that Pastor Hyejung has moved on).