2017-03 A Message from Pastor Howard Hintzman

Some of us, as leaders in the church receive a monthly magazine called the United Methodist Interpreter from the denomination’s Committee on Communications. It usually has a particular ministry focus, but also has many articles about “what worked for us” from local congregations and then ministry helps. I was reading the January 2017 edition recently, feeling good that I had started the year reading the most current issue (I won’t say though how many back issues I still have that are unread), whose theme was the denomination’s focus of improving global health.   

The general secretary of the UM Communications, Dan Krause had an article about the emphasis of improving global health called “Abundant Health, Body, Mind and Spirit”. Mr. Krause said the people of the United Methodist Church are working to ensure that abundant health is available to all of God’s children. The goal of this initiative, following the amazing response to Imagine No More Malaria, is to reach 1 million children with lifesaving interventions by 2020. When I read this, I thought, well, why not. After all, aren’t children of vital importance to us? I never understand why people are so quick to cut support for educating our children or insuring they have necessary medical care. I sometimes think the desire for having healthy children is the Darth Vader of our time and we will do anything we can to insure the opposite, lack of education and health care. I am glad to be a part of faith community that is determined to see that our children are educated and provided health care for mind, body and spirit. Till next time….Howard