2017-03 Finance Corner

I know that I am supposed to contribute something about finances and yet I am not sure what I feel the need to contribute has to do with finances, maybe it does in some way.

This last Sunday was all about love and how to love those that are difficult to love. I think with that comes how we then need to find a way to contribute to those that are difficult to love.

It’s funny how that service happened on Sunday because on Saturday as I was approaching a train track and almost turned around as we all usually do so we don’t have to wait for the train, I decided to wait for the train. I was remembering how when I was a child we always waited for the trains; we never turned around for trains. (I know, I know, you’re wondering how this is going to relate to the love thing. Just hang in there with me). We would count the number of cars, we would wonder if there were any hobos on the train, etc. I have a love for trains, not sure, if that came from my Dad maybe, as he loved trains. He worked as a conductor for a short time and my Grandfather worked as a conductor on trains. My son even worked as a mechanic on the trains here in Stevens Point for a while.

I do have a train set, which gets set up every Christmas and I do have a boxcar, which has a “family” of hobos that are with it around their campfire. That makes me think about how close they are as a “family” even though one of them may get off the train in one town and not see the others for several years. They still will know their “family” when they meet again. I’m sure they still will pray for their “family” while they are apart.

This makes me also think about the homeless people we have in our city and how close they are as a “family”. I’m sure they too, take care of one another just like any other large family does, just as our congregation does. This is a way that we can reach out and contribute to those that may be difficult to love and may be difficult to support in some eyes. We need to find a way, whether it’s monetarily or donating items to them, such as clothing or blankets, or maybe they need scarves and hats as well as the preemies do.

There is also a wonderful article that Bishop Jung as written called “New Eyes”. I would highly recommend that everyone read it. Here is the link:

Peace and Grace – Joy Pennell, Finance Chair