2017-03 Ghana – Help Joseph Heal

Dear Congregation Member and Friends,

With strong support from our church choir, the Mission and Ministry Committee invites all members of our church to join in an effort to help the Choir Director of the Methodist Church of Aworowa, Ghana, by providing funding for a needed surgery.

Joseph Fosu is a dynamic man with a wonderful, warm and friendly personality. He serves as the Choir Director for the Calvary United Methodist church in Aworowa, Ghana. He is a retired school teacher with a vital Christian commitment and is terribly in need of a total hip replacement. For the last year he has been transported to his appointed position as Choir Director by means of a bicycle with a wooden cart behind it.  He is not able to walk the distance to church to perform his leadership duties.

You might wonder why we would help just one person. In this case it is because Joseph is not only active in his church but he is one of the esteemed leaders of the village. He serves as a contract supervisor. In Ghana, contracts are agreed upon with a handshake and the contract observer (Joseph) serves as the person who witnesses the agreement process. Additionally, he works with 5 schools and an orphanage as a mentor and leader. He is constantly sought after for his advice in village matters. His lack of mobility is hindering him in serving in these capacities.

Rev. Listowel Ayensu-Mensah’s wife, Felecia Mensah, has been in Aworowa for the last month.  She accompanied Joseph to the Wenchi Regional Methodist Hospital. The hospital superintendent, Dr. Ballu was trained in hip replacements and will be there until next June, when he will be assigned to a new location. The requisite diagnostics were completed and it was determined that he needs a total hip replacement.   The cost to a Ghanaian, for the surgery and the required rehabilitation is estimated at 30,000 cedi, which approximately $7100.00 U.S.

We ask each of you to consider giving towards Joseph’s surgery cost. Our goal is to have our church donate $2000 or more towards his surgery. You may make a donation by sending a check to the United Methodist Church, with a tag line Joseph Fosu/Ghana Surgery. Send it to the church office, attention Joy Pennell at 600 Wilshire Blvd. Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 by March 26, 2017. Time is of essence as the physician who can do the surgery is only available until June, 2017.

It is our hope that our congregation will help us reach our goal and that by the middle of March we will be able add our contribution to his surgery needs. Past Ghana Missionaries are working to raise additional funds so that we may reach our goal of $7100. If you ever had a chance to meet Joseph you would know what a wonderful man he is and that he is vital to their Church Choir and the community.

May God continue to bless each of you!

Mission and Ministry Committee and John Munson – Ghana Mission Co-Team Leader