2017-04 Finance Corner


Income (Contributions)
Contributions have exceed the budget for January and February combined.  I have deducted the Dedicated Income and Expenses, in order to have a truer picture.


Expenses also are under budget for January and February, when you take out the Dedicated Accounts.  Keep up the wonderful work of controlling expenses!


I found this article during my reading and really liked how this author (Joel Mikell), put this.  He had a way of saying how scripture teaches us that everything we are, everything we have, is a blessing and a gift from a loving and benevolent God. God loves his children and delights in demonstrating that love through generous, sacrificial giving.  John 3:16 best illustrates that truth:  God’s first gift, His beloved Son, His only Son, makes possible a second gift – eternal life.  God demonstrated the correct order – God loved/God gave.  This is the order with the creator, and so it should be with us. God has entrusted his blessings and gifts to us, but we must be reminded often that we do not own them.  God still owns it all!  We are caretakers, managers, guardians, stewards of the things of God.  Our blessings are a sacred trust. And if we truly believe this, then every decision around our finances should call us to bring God in the conversation before decisions are made.

Deuteronomy 8:18 – Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gave you the ability to produce wealth.