Legacy Giving at St. Paul’s

“Reaching Another Generation for Christ”



The United Methodist Philosophy of Giving
To John Wesley, Methodism’s founder, sharing material goods was a cornerstone of the Christian faith.  His sermon, “The Use of Money,” is a helpful starting point.  In the 1780’s, he advised Christians to:

  • ”Earn all you can.”  For Wesley, work was a means of participating in God’s creative, healing activity.  As we earn all we can, we are to give ourselves to God’s mission to the world.
  • “Save all you can.”  Wesley endorsed a simplified lifestyle.  He could not justify acquiring luxuries while poor people lacked life’s necessities.
  • “Give all you can.”  Wesley’s words confront us today: “Save all you can, by cutting off every expense which serves only to indulge foolish desire … waste nothing … then … give all you have to God.”

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St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Foundation
St. Paul’s Foundation exists to inspire giving and to improve the quality of faith and life in our church community and beyond.  The Foundation supports education, mission, ministry and building projects that allow people to become disciples of Christ and to grow in faith.  The Foundation belongs to all members of the congregation and friends.  We invite you to explore the many creative ways the Foundation can work with you.

Building personal legacies is a wonderful way to assure that the presence of United Methodist philosophy and teachings continues to be strong in Central Wisconsin.  We work directly with donors to educate them about church projects and programs, community outreach efforts, mission efforts and offer support to assist them in defining and implement their charitable goals.

Generosity and vision of donors allows St. Paul’s to build stronger church ties for the future. We will continue working with our donors as we serve our congregation.

For more information about St. Paul’s Foundation or about making legacy arrangements to the Foundation, please contact the church office by email or call 715-344-3557.



How St. Paul’s UMC Foundation began:
The St. Paul’s UMC Foundation began in May 2010 as a means of carefully managing financial gifts entrusted to the Wills, Memorials and Gifts Committee.  A decision was made to house our funds in accounts managed by the United Methodist Foundation of Wisconsin and the Community Foundation of Portage County.  A variety of funds were developed to allow potential donors to build a personal legacy to God as they select programs and projects that best reflect their values and interests.  St. Paul’s UMC Foundation is led by local church leaders elected by the congregation.

Since its inception in 2010, the Foundation continues to work carefully with donors to assure that they feel connected to the future of our church community.  We provide means for both short and long term investment of resources and a road map to giving opportunities.

Legacy: Gifting through Your Will
Loving Gifts that Keep on Giving