Mission and Justice Ministry

St. Paul’s Missions Ministry informs our congregation and provides opportunities to support God’s people with gifts of time, money, energy and prayer. We support mission efforts with God’s people locally, in the region, nationally, and globally. United Methodist’s everywhere work together to provide the most coordinated and effective mission outreach, especially during and after natural disasters, such as Mid-West flooding and hurricanes in recent years, Pakistan floods, the Haiti earthquake, and Katrina.




Project Fresh Clothes (local)

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) —100% of your donation goes to relief (global)

Holiday Baskets (local)
Habitat for Humanity (state)
Tanzania Development Support (Africa)
Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas (Dimes Make a Difference) (Central America)
Ghana UM School (Africa)
Interfaith Food Pantry of Portage County (local)
Food of the Month (local)
Coins of Compassion (local, state, national, global)

Want to become involved?  Contact Yvonne Chojnacki, Director of Connecting and Mission Ministries, at (715) 344-3557 or ychojnacki@stevenspointumc.org.



Project Fresh Clothes is a mission outreach project in our Stevens Point community.  We collect, sort, clean and distribute school clothing to community children in need.

DATES:  June – August

CONTACT:  Mary Schultz



United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) – UMCOR’s mission is to alleviate human suffering. We provide practical, proactive support to the most vulnerable survivors of chronic or temporary emergencies due to natural or civil causes.

DATES: Ongoing

CONTACT:  Bonnie Lund

  • One Great Hour of Sharing – One Great Hour of Sharing is a special offering that supports UMCOR’s vital work.  All funds collected during this special offering support the administrative costs so that 100% of money donated will go to the specific cause. (www.umcor.org)

DATES: March

CONTACT:  Bonnie Lund



Holiday Baskets – Support of this hands-on, intergenerational ministry, enables us to reach out into the community with joy and support for the holidays.

DATES:  December

CONTACT:  Bonnie Lund



Habitat for Humanity helps low-income families find new hope in the form of affordable housing. (www.centralwisconsinhabitat.org)

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  Mary Gurlea



Tanzania Development Support actively works to empower men, women, and children in Tanzania to lift themselves out of poverty through education, training, and community development. We work with indigenous organizations in Tanzania, and other supporting organizations, to achieve these objectives.  (www.tdsnfp.org)

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  Missions Ministries



Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas (Dimes make a difference) – We are collecting coins to reach a goal of $1800 to assist women in Nicaragua to learn skills and then set up personal businesses to allow them to be self-sufficient, productive individuals.

DATES:  Present to March 6, 2012

CONTACT:  John Munson



Ghana UM School

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  Nicole Mackie



Interfaith Food Pantry of Portage County – Formerly known as Second Harvest, the Interfaith Food Pantry of Portage County (IFP) is located at 2820 Post Road and open for distributions on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  It is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, members of local churches in Plover and beyond, that meets at The Springs UMC the 1st Tuesday of the month.

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  The Springs United Methodist Church



Food of the Month – An ongoing collection to support our local food pantries.  See list.

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  Sharon Morell



Coins of Compassion – A weekly collection of change focused each month on a need for either local, conference, national or international organizations.  See list.

DATES:  Ongoing

CONTACT:  Missions Ministries



Looking for a way to show God’s love to others and grow in God’s love, too? Mission trips and retreats provide a hands experience for work with people in need in their own environment.
Upcoming trip: Ghana, January 2016.
For more information contact Lynn Rasmussen through the church office or 715-344-3557



The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is a Christian faith based ministry which addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth and, their families. By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives and impact the world. Kairos sprang from the Cursillo movement and is supported by volunteers from the 4th Day movements such as Cursillo, National Episcopal Cursillo, Presbyterian Cursillo, Lutheran Via de Cristo, The Upper Room’s Walk To Emmaus, Great Banquet, and independently ecumenical Tres Dias as well as volunteers from independent and non-denominational churches. As a ministry, Kairos embraces a diverse group of volunteers working together to fulfill Christ’s call to action in Matthew 25:36.

The Kairos Prison Ministry International Foundation operates as a separate entity in support of the mission of KAIROS Prison Ministry International with the primary goal of helping provide financial resources to fulfill KPMI’s vision, and raising awareness of KPMI’s distinct mission.


Kairos Prison Ministry is in the start up stages in Wisconsin. The state chapter is talking with several Wisconsin Correctional Institutions about starting up this program. It is challenging to set up because it involves annual or semiannual 3 day sessions at intuitions served plus monthly pastoral visits. Wisconsin is also working to develop a Kairos Outside ministry for women with loved ones in prison. If you are interested in being part of this please contact us KairosPrison Ministry of Wisconsin,  or see Tim Gurlea.



At St. Paul’s, Social Creeds Ministry is “where faith hits the road.” Following the United Methodist tradition, we apply Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason to challenge ourselves to think clearly and logically bout our role in local communities and the world at large. We use the UM Church Social Creeds and Social Principles as our guide to raise awareness of issues and provide opportunities to examine our relationship with each other, the physical earth and to take appropriate and sustainable action.



Social Justice
The United Methodist Church’s Social Principles help us examine our relationships with each other through individual and group study, dialogue, reflection and prayer. A primary principle is the gospel understanding that all persons are important- because they are human beings created and loved by God  (Social Principles- “Nurturing Community”).
St. Paul’s has a long history of building relationship through Social Justice connections. Some examples include:

  • Volunteering with and making financial contributions to church and community organizations
  • Hosting the Sunday morning Faithlink Discussion Group that explores faith response to current issues and events
  • Participating in the Bread for the World Offering of Letters and International Peace Day,
  • Donating time and money to our local Operation Bootstrap, Holiday Baskets, Project Fresh Clothes, and the annual Martin Luther King Community Recognition.



The Physical Earth
All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it. God has granted us stewardship of creation.  We practice meeting these stewardship duties through acts of loving care and respect. Some examples of environmental justice practices that St. Paul’s has initiated:

  • St. Paul’s Prairie
  • Use of Fair Trade Coffee for church hospitality and events
  • Offering of Fair Trade coffee and chocolate for reasonable donation to members and the community
  • Recycling and recycling education
  • Use of local foods for church dinners and Disciples Dinner
  • Earth Day recognition and celebration
  • Highway clean up—St. Paul’s cleans a stretch of Hwy 10 east spring and fall



To find out more or to work with a group of Christians willing to dig into complex issues confronting us, society and the world today, contact Social Creeds Ministry Co-Chairs JoAnn Tucker and Sue Anderson through the church office, or call us at 715-344-3557.