Caring Ministries

Nurture & Quilting Ministries


 Nurture Ministry focuses on hospitality and care ministries for members and friends of our church family. Whether sharing in Christian fellowship or providing care to support someone in a time of need, nurture ministries help people to grow as disciples and to be good neighbors.

Through the following areas we minister to the people of God:

  • Birth & Baptism Cards – sent out for the occasion
  • Care Calls – provides phone contact to the entire congregation in the spring and fall
  • Care Ministry – provides hospital visits at St. Michael’s
  • First Year Grads – Fall “Goody Boxes” sent to those away from home for the first time – Fly High
  • Flowers for 90+ – to celebrate their birthdays
  • Health Ministry – provides blood pressure screening the second Sunday of each month
  • Help the Elderly – United Methodist Men
  • Meet & Greet – provides fellowship and refreshments Sunday after worship
  • Open Door Bistro – serves supper in Fellowship Hall on Wednesday Disciples’ Night from 5:30-6:00 PM during the school year. Each week of the month has a different menu prepared and served by members and friends of the church. College students eat free. This is a great way to enjoy great food and good fellowship. See the Open Door Bistro brochure
  • Prayer Chains – Prayer requests for those in need
  • Senior Recognition Sunday – honors all our high school graduates for the year, in May
  • Singles Ministry – provides friendship and support for one another
  • Stephen Ministry – trained lay servants provide one-to one Christian support and care to those experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances
  • Tool Box Brigade – need help with a small project – they’re ready to help you
  • Quilting Ministry – quilts made with love and prayers for those in need




Quilting Ministries – an expression of love for those in need of comfort.

“Your unfailing love comforts me.  Show me ways to share your love with those who need to be consoled.” Psalm 1, 19:76

What is the quilting ministry?

The quilting team crafts a lap quilt to be given to people (both church members and non-church members) who are experiencing challenges in their lives, usually critical health problems.  The congregation finishes each quilt by saying prayers as they knot the yarn ties that secure the quilt layers.  A focus on prayer for those in need is at the heart of this ministry.  The hands that make and tie the quilt affirm their faith in God’s loving, comforting and healing powers.  Those receiving a quilt are comforted that they are not alone—God is with them along with much love from our church family.


How can I be part of this ministry?

  • Pray for the quilt recipients.
  • Join the Quilting Team Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:30 pm, for any amount of time, in the SYC Room in the Discovery Zone.
  • Make a donation:

Fabric – 100% cotton, preferred (1 1/8 yd. minimum)

Cotton batting for quilts

Money for supplies not donated – (one quilt is approx. $45)

Direct the congregation to tie knots after a worship service

How do I request a quilt?

sewing-quiltAnyone can request prayers, and a quilt for themselves or on behalf of another.  There is no charge for the quilt, but there is a responsibility to be actively involved in prayer.  When a “sponsor” requests a quilt, they need to talk with the recipient about their prayer needs and confirm that they will accept the gift of prayer in the form of a quilt.  The sponsor must also be active in the praying process, tying effort of the congregation, and delivering the finished quilt. 

To request a quilt, contact the church office at 715-344-3557.

Yes!  All levels of quilting/sewing ability quilt-sewing-machineare welcome.

Yes!  Please pray for this ministry.

Yes!  We appreciate your donations of time and/or money.

Yes!  Please request a quilt if you know someone is in need.

To request a quilt, contact the church office at 715-344-3557

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