Caring for God's World


All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it. God has granted us stewardship of creation. We practice meeting these stewardship duties through acts of loving care and respect. Some examples of environmental justice practices that have been initiated are:

  • St. Paul’s Prairie
  • Use of Fair Trade Coffee for church hospitality and events
  • Offering of Fair Trade coffee and chocolate for reasonable donation to members and the community
  • Recycling and recycling education
  • Use of local foods for church dinners
  • Earth Day recognition and celebration
  • Highway Clean Up — A stretch of Hwy 10 East is cleaned each year in the spring and in the fall

To find out more or to work with a group of Christians willing to dig into complex issues confronting us, society and the world today, contact the church office at 715-344-3557.


Our Mission-Vision-Core Values